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MC # - Interstate Authority. Call 231-947-5573

To transport freight across state lines you will need to obtain your Motor Carrier Interstate operating authority (MC #).  The requirements are dependent upon the GVWR of the vehicles that you use to transport this freight. The following list details the requirements by GVWR .

Vehicles under 10,000 lbs. GVWR:
    MC number - A USDOT number will be issued also
    $300,000 Liability insurance and BOC-3 process agent filing

Vehicles 10,000 – 26,000 lbs. GVWR:
    USDOT number
    MC number - MC#
    BOC-3 Process Agent filing

    UCR registration
    $ 750,000 Liability insurance and BOC-3 process agent filing

Vehicles 26,001 lbs. and greater:
    USDOT number
    MC number - Interstate Authority
    UCR Registration
    $ 750,000 Liability insurance and BOC-3 process agent filing
    Apportioned License Plates (IRP)
    IFTA (International Fuel Tax) License
    State Permits – NY HUT, KYU, New Mexico, Oregon

Motor Vehicles transported as freight are now considered to be a Class 9 HazMat. You do not need a HazMat endorsement on your drivers license or any HazMat permits. You will need a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance to transport Motor Vehicles. is a private 3rd party company, we are not the USDOT or affiliated with any government agency.

Please keep in mind that while we can obtain your USDOT and MC numbers usually within 45-60 minutes, it will still take the FMCSA 18-21 calendar days for your MC number to become active. Your MC number must be active before you can start operations. Unfortunately, the 18-21 day time frame for MC number activation cannot be shortened.

The FMCSA no longer requires cargo insurance filings. Most companies you work for will require some amount of cargo insurance coverage, but it no longer needs to be filed with the FMCSA.

Choose from 2 packages to obtain your Interstate Motor Carrier Authority.

Express Package - USDOT #, MC #, BOC-3 & UCR registration

Includes all application and our processing fees to obtain a new or update your current USDOT number, Common Carrier of Property authority (MC number), BOC-3 process agent filing and UCR registration. The UCR registration is required for all companies operating in interstate commerce. The fines for not having a current UCR registration are $300-$500. The package price is based on the number of trucks that operate interstate, across state lines.

 1-2 Trucks

 $ 580.00

 3-5 Trucks

 $ 740.00

 6-20 Trucks

 $ 980.00





Basic Package - USDOT #, MC # and BOC-3

Includes all application and our processing fees to obtain a new or update your current USDOT # ,Common Carrier of Property authority (MC #) and BOC-3 process agent filing. This package does not include the UCR registration, You will need to complete the UCR before starting interstate operations.


With the purchase of the Basic or Express packages you will receive a copy of our USDOT Safety Audit Manual. The manual will show you how to setup and maintain your files and records in preparation for the safety audit.The FMCSA wil take a minimum of 18-21 days to activate your MC number. The last requirement, to activate your MC number, is the proof of insurance filing and this is completed by your insurance company. Please contact your insurance agent and ask them to file your insurance with the FMCSA. Package pricing includes all application and our fees, no hidden or additional charges. All orders placed by 4:00 pm EST, Mon-Fri, will typically receive their USDOT and MC numbers the same day. Orders placed after 4:00 pm will be processed the next business day. Times stated above are not guaranteed, delays are possible.