URC Registration

The UCR (Unified Carrier registration) registers your USDOT number with all the states. It has been required for all interstate carrier and Brokers since 2010 and is one of the most heavily enforced registrations. The UCR expires every Dec 31 and requires yearly renewals. UCR registration fees are based on the number of trucks that operate interstate (outside your home state). Trailers and intrastate trucks can be exempted.

You are now required to complete the UCR registration for the year in which you first obtained your USDOT number regardless of when your MC number became or will become active. As an example, you filed for and obtained your new USDOT & MC numbers on December 31, 2016. Even though you did not start operations until 2017, you must also complete the 2016 UCR because your USDOT number was issued in 2016. This is a policy change from previous years and there are no exceptions


UCR Registration

UCR Registration

Includes application and our processing fees to obtain your UCR registration. The cost of the UCR registration is based on the number of trucks that operate interstate (outside your home state).

UCR Registration For 1-2 Trucks or Broker - $110
UCR Registration For 3-5 Trucks - $250
UCR Registration For 6-20 Trucks - $440



Your USDOT number must be listed as an Interstate Carrier in the SAFER database to complete the UCR registration.

Pricing includes all applications and our processing fees, no hidden or additional charges. All orders placed by 4:00 pm EST, Mon-Fri, will usually receive their UCR confirmation the same day, typically within 30 minutes. Orders placed after 4:00 pm will be processed the next business day. Times stated above are not guaranteed, delays are possible.

The UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) is the program that replaced the SSRS (Single State Registration System). The UCR program requires everyone with an interstate USDOT number; private, for-hire and exempt, to register. Brokers and Freight Forwarders are also required to register their operations. Intrastate only carriers and all trucks that operate intrastate (within their home state) can be exempt from UCR registration.


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