New Mexico Tax ID Permit is a private 3rd party company, we are not the State of New Mexico. If you need a temporary permit, please go to the New Mexico TAP website. We can obtain your New Mexico Tax ID permit that will be good for this calendar year.


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New Mexico Tax ID Permit

If you will travel through New Mexico you will either need to obtain a New Mexico Tax ID Permit or purchase a trip permit at a New Mexico Port of Entry. A trip permit may cost up to 17 cents per mile, based on weight, for the total miles driven in the state. Even if you only go into or through New Mexico 1 time each year, it may be less expensive to obtain your own New Mexico Tax ID Permit.


Initial Permit - $50.00
Each Additional Truck - $20.00



The New Mexico Tax ID permit is valid from January 1 through December 31 each year and will need to be renewed every calendar year.

We need the complete truck information to obtain your New Mexico E-Permit. We need the make, year, truck #, full VIN #, license plate number, registration state, GVWR and if the truck is owned or leased. You will receive your New Mexico E-Permit which you will carry in the truck(s) for the first 2 weeks. Once your WDT (Weight Distance Tax) number has been issued by the state of New Mexico, you will not need to carry the E-Permit. It will take the state of New Mexico approximately 5 days to make your new registration available to the Ports of Entry.

If we receive your application by 4:00 PM EST, Mon-Fri, we can usually have your New Mexico Tax ID E-Permit the same day, typically within 30 minutes. Times stated above are not guaranteed, delays are possible.


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