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Kentucky - KYU #. Call 231-947-5573

KYU's registration system will not accept any applications for a KYU number if your USDOT # was issued in 2018. Their system will state that your 2017 UCR registration has not been paid. A USDOT number issued in 2018 is not required to complete a 2017 UCR as the number did not exist in 2017. KYU is aware of the problem but has not corrected it yet.


We are licensed and registered with the state of Kentucky to process applications for new KYU numbers.

Kentucky's new registration system for KYU numbers is fully operational and has substantially reduced the processing time for obtaining new KYU numbers. New KYU numbers can be obtained in as little as 30 minutes. is a private 3rd party company, we are not the USDOT or affiliated with any government agency.

****Special Notice****

You are now required to complete the UCR registration for the year in which you first obtained your USDOT number regardless of when your MC number became or will become active. As an example, you filed for and obtained your new USDOT & MC numbers on December 31, 2016. Even though you did not start operations until 2017, you must also complete the 2016 UCR because your USDOT number was issued in 2016. This is a policy change from previous years and there are no exceptions.

It will take 1-2 days, and can take longer, for the KY registration system to upload new UCR registration(s). This may cause a delay in obtaining your KYU if you just completed your UCR registration.

If you travel through the state of Kentucky, in a commercial vehicle (private and/or for-hire), with a registered GVWR of 60,000 lbs or more, you will need a KYU # or you will need to buy a temporary KYU permit. Currently, a ten day temporary permit will cost you approximately $46.00 and can be obtained directly from KY.

The KYU number issued by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is a permanent weight distance tax license, no yearly renewals. Kentucky does require that you maintain a vehicle inventory for your KYU number. All trucks will need to be listed on your KYU number inventory and must be added or deleted as your trucks change. You will also need to complete quarterly returns based on the miles traveled in the state of KY.

KYU Number 

                   $ 40.00            

To obtain your KYU #, you must have the following:

1. UCR registration completed for all years of operation, past and present.
2. USDOT number must be active.
3. Proof of insurance must be on file with the FMCSA if you have an MC# and your MC # must be active.

This application is for a new KYU number. If you previously had a KYU number, you will need to call the Kentucky tax division at 502-564-4150 to reinstate your old KYU number. If you need a 10 day temporary permit, please call 502-564-4127.

If we receive your application by 2:00 PM EST, Mon-Fri, and your UCR registrations, USDOT, MC and IFTA filings are up to date,we can have your KYU number the same day usually within 30 minutes. Times stated above are not guaranteed, delays are possible.