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We have processed over 15,000 USDOT number applications and you can be confident in our ability to quickly and accurately process your USDOT application. is a private 3rd party company, we are not the USDOT or affiliated with any government agency.

A USDOT number is required for any business that operates commercial vehicles across state lines or outside of their home state. Most states also require businesses that operate commercial vehicles, only in their home state, to have a current USDOT number. A commercial vehicle is defined as any vehicle, truck only or truck and trailer combined, with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs or greater. Commercial is defined as any operation in furtherance of any business. This would mean farmers, lawn services, landscapers, builders and even recreation race teams and car show participants among others. If your business or activities take you outside your home state, you are considered to be Interstate and you will also need a UCR registration. UCR registers your business and USDOT # with all the states. It does not take the place of IRP or apportioned license plates as these register the trucks with the states you will operate in. The fine for not having completed the UCR registration is $300-$500.

Note: If you will be operating Interstate "For Hire", meaning you will be paid to transport freight, to other states, you will also need an MC number. Our packages that include the MC number are under the category of "Interstate Authority - MC#" in the column on the left side of this page.

The new FMCSA URS system will not allow a USDOT to be issued as Interstate for-hire without also obtaining, and paying the filing fee for, an MC number at the same.


USDOT # Package - USDOT # and UCR registration

For Interstate Private or Exempt for Hire (more than 1 state) operations.          

Includes your USDOT number usually the same day, within 45-60 minutes. We will also complete your UCR registration. It can take 24-72 hours for the UCR system to pick up your new USDOT number and make it available to complete the UCR. We will then send your UCR confirmation. The UCR is based on the number of trucks that travel interstate and is a yearly registration by calendar year.

1-2 Trucks

 $ 175.00

 3-5 Trucks

 $ 335.00

6-20 Trucks

$ 575.00





USDOT Number Only

If you need just a USDOT number we can get it for you for $40.00 processing fee. No additional fees or charges. Your USDOT number is a permanent number, you will have it forever. We will complete and file all the forms to obtain your USDOT #. We can have your USDOT # usually the same day, within 45-60 minutes! We can then fax or email all of your documents to you.



If we receive your order by 4:00 PM EST Mon-Fri, we can typically have your USDOT number for you the same day, usually within 45-60 minutes. We can also obtain your UCR for you the next business day in most cases. Times are not guaranteed, delays are possible. Please refer to our Privacy and Refund Policies page for more details on order cancellations and refunds.

If an order for a new USDOT number is placed, and it is discovered that a USDOT number has been previously issued, a $10.00 lookup fee will be deducted from all refunds for USDOT number orders where applicable.